3 sisters, 3 kitchens, & a love of good food

On a very dreary, cold day in January of 2015, we found ourselves bored with all of our old dinner go-to's, and sad about the 3 months of upstate New York winter still to come. We decided to start a project—each week, one of us would pick a recipe. We would make them separately in our kitchens, and discuss the outcomes. We wanted to make everyday eating more exciting, and challenge ourselves to learn how to make things we hadn't before.

We were lucky enough to grow up with some incredible influences; the best cook we’ve ever known, our feisty immigrant Italian grandmother who reminds us that everything we do is the wrong way (she's right), our Armenian grandparents who gave us a love of Middle Eastern cooking and vegetables picked from the backyard, and our lifelong babysitter from Southern India, who taught us what curry should really taste like.

Watching them create food from such an honest place, with their gardens, spices, and traditions, made us want to try harder, and be better home cooks. Living during a time when people believe cooking is too difficult, where tasty videos get 7 million views a day (someone help us stop contributing to this madness) and yet the foods we eat have become so unnecessarily over-complicated (sandwich bread has 32 ingredients.. why?), we wanted one meal per week to be researched and thoughtful. We wanted to expect more of what we were creating and eating, and feeding to the people we love, and also badger about whether or not something needs more salt.

We hope you stick around to see what we come up with, and we'd love to hear from you! We truly love sharing recipes and cooking for others, and hope you enjoy your macaroni with just a hint of sass.


Enjoy! xo

Hillary + Amanda + Kate

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